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Top 10 Benefits of Quitting Caffeine

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Healthier Teeth 
Quitting caffeine has tremendous benefits for your teeth. The excess sugar and citric acid in caffeinated drinks can cause cavities and erode your teeth’s enamel. In addition, many caffeinated drinks, such as coffee, will stain your teeth, which is not attractive. By quitting caffeine and practicing good hygiene, your teeth will not only repair its own enamel, but you also have a good chance at reversing most of these symptoms.

Literally, Less Stress 
Your adrenal glands produce stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol. These stress hormones are stored as reserve energy in your body and are utilized during life threatening situations. Caffeine consistently releases these stress hormones into your bloodstream! When you stop ingesting caffeine, your stress hormone glands (adrenal) will begin to recuperate. It takes approximately 3 weeks for them to fully recover. At this point, your stress threshold will increase which will allow you cope better to normal, everyday stressors.

Better Sleep Quality 
The half-life of caffeine in your body is approximately six hours. In other words, if you consume a big cup of coffee with 200 milligrams of caffeine at 3:00 pm, then six hours later, at 9:00pm, about 100 milligrams will be in your system. With caffeine still in your body, your sleep is less restful as elevated stress hormones can cause insomnia or wake you up in the middle of the night. You may experience increased fatigue because you do not reach the Stage 4 deep sleep where your body repairs and renews itself for the next day. When you quit caffeine, you will notice the true benefits of good, quality sleep. That alone will lead to more, natural energy.

More Energy 
Caffeine is a drug in the stimulants class. Stimulants do not provide healthy stimulation. Instead, they tax your body with unnatural chemical stimulation. Over time, by continuing to rely on caffeine, you can become extremely run down and exhausted. This physical state is usually referred to as Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome. When you quit caffeine, you allow your body to overcome adrenal fatigue. Your body will bounce back and provide more natural energy on its own in just a couple of weeks.

Consistent Mood Without Highs and Lows 
Caffeine intake will dictate your daily highs and lows. If your mood is not consistent, then your overall quality of life suffers. Quality equals consistency. This concept relates to work output, relationships and even happiness. After quitting caffeine, you will be amazed at the consistency of your mood. Obviously, this will be a benefit to you, especially if you already suffer from any type of anxiety or depression.
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Spending $2.74 a day on caffeine will cost you $1,000 per year! Most coffee shops charge around $2.50 to over $5.00 for a custom made drink. Yet, some people buy more than one every day! Just think about all the money you will save by quitting caffeine. You could easily take a nice vacation every year if you give up caffeine!

Less Anxiety 
We all know what happens if you drink too much caffeine. People often refer to these uncomfortable feelings as ‘the jitters.’ In reality, this is anxiety. If we do this to ourselves multiple times a day or even just a few times a week, we become far more anxious people. This is not good for your mood or for your health. By quitting caffeine, you will notice the benefit of having less anxiety in your life.​

Caffeine is known to be an addictive drug. Any type of addiction is not good, whether it is addiction to food, sugar, drugs, alcohol or gambling. When you quit caffeine, the benefits of overcoming this addiction are worthy of celebration! In fact, it could lead to you developing other healthy habits in life, such as quitting smoking. Momentum is the key and quitting caffeine is a great way to start becoming a better you!

Proper Hydration 
The human body is made up of about 70-75% water. We must continuously take in large amounts of water for our body to function well. Consider how much water you drink on a daily basis. Not drinking enough water can lead to dehydration, which is bad for your organs. Caffeine contributes to the problem because it is a strong diuretic that can contribute to dehydration. Even if you do not quit ingesting caffeine, you should probably start drinking more water. Your body will thank you.

Increased Health and Vitality 
The above 9 benefits of quitting caffeine come together as increased health and vitality for your life. Vitality literally means: exuberant physical strength or mental vigor, capacity for survival or for the continuation of a meaningful or purposeful existence, power to live or grow, power of enduring. Vitality is something we all love to have! By quitting caffeine, you will notice the benefits of increased vitality and overall better health.
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Other Reasons Why Quitting Caffeine Just Makes Sense

Many people know that quitting caffeine has many benefits on individual health. However, many people do not realize that not only does quitting caffeine benefit individual physical health, but also individual psychological health and much more. These benefits can be seen in all areas of life, including the most major; individual, social, and financial.

Individual Benefits of Quitting Caffeine

Previously stated, quitting caffeine benefits the individual, both physically and psychologically. Caffeine has many negative effects on health. The following lists include some of the more common effects of caffeine on health.


Digestive problems
Rapid heart beat
Rapid breathing
Other “flu-like” symptoms


Mood swings

Quitting caffeine allows the individual to recover from these health problems. Furthermore, if health problems already existed before caffeine was ingested (ex. Anxiety), quitting caffeine can drastically reduce the severity of them.

Social Benefits of Quitting Caffeine:

Many of the psychological effects of caffeine cause issues in everyday social situations. For example, the mood swings and irritability can often have a damaging effect on relationships (family, friends, significant others, etc.)

These relationships often suffer further when caffeine addiction sets in. People hear about this situation all the time; a friend or family member has a severe drug addiction and the relationships suffer because of it because the addiction takes over. People only want more of the addictive substance, even if that means that relationships suffer.

Quitting caffeine benefits many aspects of social relationships. Minor interactions are improved, and the risk of severed relationships due to a full-blown addiction disappears.

Financial Benefits of Quitting Caffeine:

As stated in the above list, “Top 10 Benefits of Quitting Caffeine”, quitting caffeine benefits a person's financial status. But, just how much of a toll does caffeine take on the bank account?

Coffee is one of the most popular caffeinated beverages. Espresso-based drinks are also very popular. Now, how much do these cost? Well, the average espresso-based drink cost around $2.45. A majority of the population drinks at least one cup per day. Doing the math, this means that a majority of the population is spending almost $900 every year. This is a huge number, especially considering the fact that many people do not have just one cup per day, or even just drink coffee.

Other statistics to consider include:

Approximately $4 billion is spent importing coffee every year.
Approximately $18 billion is spent on specialty coffee every year in the United States alone.

Of course, not only does quitting caffeine benefit people by saving on the cost of the drink, itself, but also on the cost of cream, sugar, cups, coffee makers, etc.

The list of reasons to quit caffeine is extensive. Individual health benefits, social benefits, and financial benefits are all factors to consider when deciding to quit caffeine.

Of course, these are not the only benefits of quitting caffeine. Many other benefits are seen in those who decide to quit. Remember these benefits and consider that caffeine addiction is real. Quitting caffeine benefits all areas of life, not just those that are well-known.

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